Diet starts tomorrow

My three favourite words are ‘Diet starts tomorrow’, I use these three words to get whatever I want. I use them to allow myself to order a large dominos pizza + sides alone. I use them to eat basically anything I want.

I tried to use them today to get a large milkshake and dominos, instead I settled for a chinese meal with my friend and some juice. Still not technically healthy but it is most certainly an improvement. I had a good day, yet I still felt the urge to binge and I have no idea why. Today I chatted with my best friend, went shopping, napped and now I am planning to sit and read. Literally nothing to be stressed, anxious, sad about – so why did I have the urge to binge? I have come to one conclusion, it is habit. Every week I get takeout on a Tuesday/Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. My body knew it was Sunday, therefore I should be getting takeout. I have no clue if that is actually how your body works, but I like the theory so we are going to stick at it.

Moving on from this, I have a few goals for the week, the week ending on next Sunday 4th June.

  1. No takeaway – it is my birthday so I can go out for a meal, but that is it. This shouldn’t be a huge deal, I can do this.
  2. Gym twice with personal trainer, two spin classes and twice alone
  3. No silly snacks, by this I mean no trips to the vending machine while my code is building.
  4. Don’t start a new netflix series. Read instead.

All of these sound simple in theory, it is easy to write this stuff down, much harder to actually complete them. So day 1 is technically complete. I didn’t get takeaway, I didn’t go crazy on snacks, no new netflix series and sadly no gym.

Diet started today.


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